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Perfect Nails

One of the most popular treatments at Kels Belles is our fantastic nails. We specialise in acrylics, gelish, OPI, Hard gel and natural finishes. All our products are UK safe and of a high quality. We create the perfect set of nails suited to you and your needs. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the huge selection of OPI Polish, gelish colours, glitters and our fantastic nail art.

Price List

Awesome Prices

OPI Manicure

£ 20.00

OPI Pedicure

£ 25.00

Gelish finish add

£ 10.00

File & Paint

£ 14.00

Gelish Shape & Paint

£ 24.00

Soak Off & New Set Gel

£ 28.00

Acrylic New Set

£ 27.00

Acrylic Infills

£ 20.00

Gelish Finish

£ 7.00

Soak Off

£ 10.00

Nail Art between

£ 0.50 - 5.00