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Lycon Waxing

The only wax worth taking your clothes off for! Lycon is known for its natural ingredients and low heating temperature meaning only hair is removed, including hairs as short as 1mm. The best part is that Lycon is virtually pain-free. Hard to believe that waxing can be pain-free but it’s so great even pregnant ladies can now wax with ease. So whether your skin is thin, sensitive or normally irritated with waxing, be assured that Lycon will give you the best results.

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Threading is fantastic for all areas on the face, picking up even the finest hairs. Great for those who notice that they have that excess hair starting to appear and need a solution that’s not abrasive to the skin. Quick, efficient and long lasting results mean threading is a modern day must have in the current beauty industry.

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Eye Brows

£ 7.50


£ 5.00


£ 5.00

Lip & Chin

£ 8.50

Full Arm

£ 16.00

Full Leg

£ 22.00

Half Leg

£ 16.00

Lycon Waxing


£ 10.00

Basic Bikini

£ 12.00


£ 20.00


£ 30.00


£ 33.00